A picnic is one of the best ways to experience the Fraser Valley. Not only enjoyable in the summer, the cherry blossoms in the springtime, the warm colours of the autumn leaves, and the crackling of a fire during the winter months, are all great accompaniments to delicious food and and picturesque locations.

Below we’ve put together a list of great ways to have an amazing picnic in the Fraser Valley. Also check out the Circle Farm Tour for more locations to get fresh local food. There are a number of parks in the region that include perfect spots to lay down a blanket and enjoy a meal as well.

1. Visit one of the region’s farmers markets where you’ll find everything you need from fresh fruits and veggies, to preserves, juice, wine, fresh baked breads, pastries and everything in between.

Langley Community Farmers Market
Abbotsford Farm & Country Market
Chilliwack Farmers Market

2. Head to Downtown Abbotsford’s Duft & Co. to pick up fresh baked goods, then make your way to Field House Brewing and set up your picnic on their lawn before grabbing a fresh craft beer.

3. Stock up at Nature’s Pickin’s Market in Abbotsford with something fresh and local, then setup your picnic behind the market in their gorgeous, landscaped flower garden.

4. Stop by Local Harvest to pick up a fresh fire roasted pizza, made in their traditional outdoor pizza oven. Then head to Cultus Lake for a relaxing picnic on one of the many beautiful beaches.

5. Grab a sandwich and refreshments on the go at Little Beetle Bistro, then drive to the nearby parks along the Vedder River to enjoy lunch and a refreshing walk along the many trails.





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March 10, 2017

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