Milk and cookies, chocolate and wine—some things are just better together. In the spirit of the month of love, we’re letting you in on our favourite combinations for a romantic night that’s just right. We’ve found the ideal pairings for every kind of couple. Check out these perfect marriages of Fraser Valley outings.

For the Pacific Northwestern Pair

Whether you’re a native PNWer or just visiting, you’re required to have a taste for mountain air and good coffee—especially together. Nothing captures this combination like Fraser Valley local business, Republica Coffee Roasters. The fair trade organic roasters specialize in single estate coffees from around the world and always brew their coffee to order. In fact, they will never serve you a cup brewed with beans that haven’t been roasted in the last 72 hours. There’s no better way to enjoy it than packing it up in a thermos and heading up Mount Cheam—one of the most stunning lookouts in the Fraser Valley. Cuddle up next to a date and you’ve got front row seats to the best of the valley.

For the Rugged Outdoor Pair

For some, the best quality time has got to be exploring the great outdoors. The Chilliwack River runs right through mountains and offers a beautiful (and accessible) spot to enjoy the Fraser Valley wilderness. The riverbank has numerous spots to sit back and take in the mountain peaks and open skies. Of course, there’s no better way to top off the moment than with a campfire and a cold brew. We recommend bringing along a signature IPA from Trading Post Brewery. Pair it with smokies over the fire and enjoy!

Photo via Trading Post Brewery

For the Sophisticated Pair

For those looking for something a little more refined, the Fraser Valley has got that too. Start by talking a walk through Spruce Collective, a locally-owned Abbotsford boutique. Their Fraser Valley t-shirts and vintage postcards are perfect for window shopping (or belated Valentine’s gifts). There’s no better way to wrap up a sophisticated date than with some afternoon tea. Head to Little White House, a quaint tea house in Langley, for a french pastry or tasty quiche.

For the Classic Pair

Sometimes the most romantic gestures are the simplest ones. What’s more classic for date night than a dinner and movie combo? Check out the newly opened S&L Kitchen in Abbotsford and round off the night at Cottonwood 4 Cinema for a toonie movie. The small theatre is a great way to end a cozy evening.


Photo via S&L Kitchen and Bar

For the Adventurous Pair

Need to add a little adventure into your night? Time to get your blood pumping at Project Climbing in Abbotsford. They’ve got shoes and chalk if you want to boulder, or belay devices and harnesses if you want something a little more extreme. Buy a single or ten-visit pass, or make it your new date outing with a six-month or year pass. Never climbed before? That makes it all the more exciting (plus they’ve got classes to help you out). If you’re still feeling spicy afterwards, it’s time to try some Persian food. Fuel up after your climb by grabbing tasty kabobs at the Shiraz Grill.

For the “Just Friends” Pair

Sometimes, the month of love is the perfect time to tone down the romantic gestures and get the “just friends” point across. Nothing says that more than a casual walk around the family-friendly Mill Lake Park. Then head east for a bite at the Yellow Deli, a groovy little restaurant open 24/7 that offers a casual atmosphere to keep any outing low key.

Mill Lake Park

Photo via @leanna_danelle32

The Fraser Valley is never short of things to do or places to see. Whether it’s a date idea or just a weekend getaway, our blog has all the insider tips. Ready to plan your trip? You can do that on our site, too.

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February 15, 2017

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